Designing a new home or office and need advice when it comes to the network? Problems printing to a network printer or accessing a shared folder? WiFi signal not strong enough in part of your home? Need help installing network hardware?

Computer & Mobile

Looking for the right office solution for you? Need help installing and networking Quickbooks? PC or Mac slow and bogged down with ads? Need data recovered from a dead machine? Want to be sure your backup drive is backing up your important data?


Not sure how to use or setup your new smart TV? Want to know whether you should buy an AppleTV or a Roku? Need your home theater hooked up or need to know what the best solution for you is? Need your DVR at the office configured for remote viewing?

You’ve come to the right place. We can help.

Additional services

Remote Assistance

Remote software assistance via internet. Adware & Malware removal. Maintenance & updates. Software setup & instruction.

Website Maintenance

WordPress maintenance, updating and training. New web projects taken on as business allows.

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Our agency has been working with Chris Duval Nerd for Hire for over a decade. Chris has helped us keep up with our changing IT needs as we've grown in size and complexity. He is professional and reliable and someone we trust with our most confidential information. He has helped us ensure our company's systems are secure, running smoothly, and guided us as we adapted to a cloud based storage system. I highly recommend Chris for your home or business needs.
My business depends on Chris. He knows what he's doing and has helped us with computer set up, troubleshooting, updates, or any other IT issue that arises. I've always found him to be incredibly efficient, responsive, affordable, and conscientious. Highly recommended!
Chris is awesome! We bought grandma her first computer. It was a used computer so we hired Chris to look at the software and hardware, clean everything up, and install whatever was necessary to make it an easy to use, reliable laptop for grandma... He surpassed all our expectations. He was easy to contact and communicate with. And weeks later, when we couldn't remember the computer's password he did remember!! He was always professional and respectful and nice. THANK YOU CHRIS!!! You are our new go-to computer guy. We will recommend you to everyone 🙂
Gabrielle Sabrine